Roboto's Tracklist

With every week goes by, Roboto has it’s eclectic list of: edgy, cheesy and top bangers to grace your ears. This week we’ve got some real diamonds in the rough

Wiki - Wikiflag

Ratking broke your girl up. We’ve kept our eye on Wiki for the last few months, watching him kill it on near enough every live performance we’ve seen. Whether it’s dropping lines about living with your mum or running for Mayor, wiki’s got it. This track in particular got us for the sample and production from Madlib. 🔥

MGMT- When you die

We’d like to say we loved MGMT’s new album “Little Dark Age” when we first listened. But truthfully we thought it was pretty trash, but as time went on, it grew on us. What really piqued our interest was the new music video for “ When you die”. The trippy acid visuals combined with the sombre tones and eery guitar harmonics makes it a total experience. Go check it out, I won’t say anymore

Still Woozy - Goodie Bag

We’re suckers for a smooth baseline on a song, and Still Woozy got this one in the bag for us. Even more interestingly he recorded this track in his garage… Leave a bit of talent for the rest of us dude. We got some nice vibes.

Hobo Johnson - Tiny Desk

Yes he’s edgy, yes he’s cringey and it’s reminiscent of slam poetry, but I don’t care, we’ve probably been labelled with a similar sentiment. Ever since we clocked Hobo Johnson when he first put out “Peach scones”, we’ve enjoyed watching the journey against the odds. So yeah keep going brother, you’re going to make it.

Death Grips - I want it I need it

We’re well aware you’re not supposed to put Death Grips on a music list without at least a prior warning to what it’s like. If you want aggression, abrasive samples and rhyming patterns that are all over the place you’ve got your guy. Always will be a fan. RESPONSIBILITY’S COOL.

Mac Miller - Stay

Man, what is there to say. Losing Mac Miller is hands down the biggest celebrity death that hit me. I’ve always had a fondness of the dude for being both an underdog and a lover of jazz. There were so many great tracks I could have put here, but without getting too sentimental, this track is the perfect jam of jazz and Malcom’s style. Peace big man ✌️