The importance of professional photography

In today’s visual culture, the power of photography cannot be denied. Professional photography has the ability to influence perceptions of the subjects it presents. This holds particular significance when it comes to representing a business.

Images are the first thing potential clients will notice about your company. Because people make snap judgements, photographs provide an immediate impression of your company and its values. This is exemplified within the fast-food industry. High-quality photographs of colourful and mouth-watering food encourage consumers to splash the cash. If the photograph below was taken on a poor quality camera, badly lit and taken from a skewed angle, would you still want to buy it? Poor quality images suggest a poor quality product or service. They indicate that no time or effort has been put in to achieve a professional aesthetic.

Professional images strengthen your brand’s identity

Good photographs also provide good marketing — if your images appear professional, it enables viewers to trust that you are an experienced company with high standards. Whether your photographs are displayed on social media, your company’s website, or email campaigns, they immediately grab the attention of potential clients. An example of this is professional portraits of company staff members. They create familiarity with the individuals presented, making them appear more ‘human’, rather than being seen as simply a business front.

Professional photographs also provide a huge advantage if you are using an ecommerce site. Selling products online means that the only way a consumer will see their desired product is through digital imagery. As with the fast-food example, consumers are only going to buy something which they think looks good. If the photographs appear professional, it builds confidence surrounding the products you are selling.

The benefits of professional photography extend much further than simply adding a professional aesthetic. They can also improve your website’s SEO. Google image searches can increase traffic on your website. If someone stumbles across an image of yours via google search, this can lead them to your website, attracting unexpected viewers. Because of this, having unique images which interest viewers can generate increased traffic to your website and thus help to market your business.

To summarize, when marketing photographs are professional, it increases engagement with your business by communicating the value of your company to potential clients. Consistency of images establishes a brand identity which can be recognized across multiple media platforms. Because of this, photographs are an investment when it comes to marketing your business, as they are a powerful tool used to present yourself in a professional and unique way.

Roboto Studio partners with local companies we think are awesome and Apictorial (Amy Robinson) has been essential in shooting our professional photos, and the photos for clients we work with. She also writes a mean article.

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