Ever since we first met with Paul, we knew we were set with a local business we could help, and a friendly face to match. Paul has been a long time client, right from the stone ages of the Roboto name, hell, we didn’t even used to be called Roboto back then. Every step of the way with Paul’s business we wanted to focus on the importance of personable customer services, as bad customer service is a frustration of both ours and Paul’s

Let’s get personal

On top of the website itself, we’ve been working with Paul to improve his design process to build promotional elements, a set of logos, and some nifty email campaigns which we are really focusing on at the moment. We wanted to integrate his ecommerce site into Mailchimp to really push the boundaries of personalised shopping experiences.

We are the mods

We wanted to capture the feeling of being part of a mod community. We achieved this through using retro photography on the social media accounts, as well as the participation and frequent hosting of mod events around Nottingham. We pushed the feeling of community through every aspect of our builds, really focusing on keeping that cultural feeling strong.

UX/UI Design

The bar tabs of the future