If there’s one thing we hate, it’s oversharers, people that tell you all about their kids achievements, their dog selfies and their eating habits. We don’t care. That is why we built Autofeed.

Autofeed is a social media automation tool, built upon scraping the hard work of journalists, news outlets and art and reposting it to promote your business. We are in the process of getting alpha sign ups so feel free to shoot us a message across

We’re not even friends

We wanted to trial out a new tone of voice for Autofeed, the strategy is to use the traditional serif Playfair font with purposefully abrasive headers to catch user attention and intrigue.

How’d it happen?

Yes we know we’re not a software company, but occasionally the planets align and we have a pop at something that’s otherwise not our main focus of building incredible apps and websites for clients. We thought we’d have a go at our own.

It also gave us the ability to go nuts for design, try something a little bit different and experiment, really take a deep dive with Framer X and a whole host of React libraries. Got to keep those skills sharp.


Web development



Iced out rolexes and private jets, no less