Daisy was an awesome client of ours that was filled with passion and excitement and always asking ‘why don’t we try it this way’. We loved working with her as she was so agile with giving feedback on the design process, constantly bouncing inspiration back and forth between us. We settled on a temporary simplified website for now, with the hopes of pushing for a very creative and powerful website in the upcoming months.

Upcoming events

We wanted to make advertising Daisy’s events simple, so we created a scheduling page, which consisted of all her upcoming gigs, along with a featured image. We also worked together to teach Daisy the design process of building a retro-styled feature image for each page. It worked beautifully, as the page allowed for Daisy to add URLs to the different ticketing systems at each venue.

Don’t forget about us

We’re continuing to work with Daisy to boost her web presence, and help her with content generation for her several social platforms. This being said it’s amazing to see a young artist from Nottingham to have such a wealth of knowledge about how to market herself in a modern age.

We loved working with Daisy and plan to continue to work with her, well at least until her name is up in lights in front of the O2 arena and she suddenly forgets our number.


Pipeline Optimisation

Email campaign

The friendly face of mod clothing