Grunwald operates around the personal service they give each and every one of the clients they support. So why not build their site about it? With a funneling system working towards getting a user on the phone to talk to a real person. We’ve worked with Grunwald for a while now, as their friendly, customer first ethos aligns with our own and the focus they have on pushing the benchmark for customer service is music to our ears

Man vs Machine

How do you solve the problem of choosing a machine with a selection of about 30+ to choose from, each with their specific benefits? You have a support line that’s always open with an engineer to respond. At Grunwald we wanted to focus on that human human interaction, so what better way of doing that than to encourage talking to a real person with Call to actions at the bottom of each page with a direct number.

Let’s navigate

We wanted the navigation system to be incredibly simple for both desktop use and mobile use. We focused on adding drop downs to each section to avoid information overload and built a mega nav that we can say we’re super proud of.

Website Development


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