Aligning the enterprise with the cutting edge. We worked with Intoware on building their new site in HUGO, focusing on moving the company to the forefront of the “head mounted tablet” field. We succeeded. Fast page speed load, check; Extensible system in place, check; Easy versioning and deployment, check.

Designing with the pros

During the process, got the opportunity to work hand-in-hand with some incredible designers and developers, focusing on brand, user experience and conversions. It gave us the opportunity to push each other to see what we could achieve, and we think the results really reflect that. Yes, Roboto is humble enough to acknowledge some of the awesome devs out there…

Marketing push and internal development

We had a two-prong effort to push a new marketing initiative, working on email campaigns both in-house for staff morale and outwards facing to engage with engineers and the like. We also worked on implementing a new design system for in house designers working with versioning and extensible overrides, in laymen’s: objects that mutate in their context in the same way a component can in development.


Web Development


Filling the void in customer services