We worked with Koncierj to produce a Wordpress based, online catalogue to show a wide range of concierge services, from a fresh new face. It was fantastic working with Luca and Salvatore to push their design guidelines to a younger, more brutalist looking style, following new trends of Balenciaga and Gucci.

We rolled out their secure, optimised and beautiful looking site, and to this day are collaborating with them on developing marketing collateral for distribution amongst their many clients. Shame we weren’t offered a Bentley as future payment

No better parties at a mile high

We focused on promoting the absolute top end, custom jewellery clothes and personal shoppers and leverage the lucrative partnerships Koncierj have with a range of suppliers. Did somebody say iced out Rolex’s? More of a hublot fan, they’ve got that covered.

We created a variety of pages to showcase these luxury items and break them down into categories easily accessible for cash rich, time poor millionaires. We wanted to not just rise above the competition in terms of UI and user pipelining, we wanted to keep a fresh edge on some of the more antiquated sites in hopes of capturing a younger millionaire demographic

Brutalist and beautiful

We wanted to provide koncierj with perfect stepping stone with a set of extensible guidelines. These same guidelines and overridable assets will be the main driving force developing the future catalogues and event posters. We wanted to make sure the utmost consistency for such a high level luxury lifestyle assistant.

We use Sketch libraries combined with a set of plugins that ensure that every page is responsive in their design counterpart as well as their web version. “Why do we go to such lengths with our brand guidelines?” - we want to make sure that every project we are involved with is scalable from a design perspective, from startup to enterprise, we’re focused on ensuring the maintainability for everyone.


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