What do you get if you have a team of unbelievably dedicated individuals pushing for a clearer insurance industry? An interesting setup for a case study. We worked with Oolu over the past six months to push their home grown insurance company into the limelight, with an incredible website and branding kit. We’ve worked on a multitude of email campaigns, social media marketing and analytics to really target those that need the help with their new insurance policies.

Consistency is key

Within the process of developing the site, we created a pattern library that worked hand in hand to produce consistent designs throughout the website. This was a crucial element of the Oolu website, as getting the messaging for a website for both the visual and the copy is hard enough, let alone with an insurance company.

Let the stats do the talking

With a set of stats that are already incredible within their own right we thought we’d lead with this. Combine this with the Google analytics + Facebook tracking and you can really get a feel for what a user is interested in throughout the site.


Web development


Building the future step by step