Say no to Mowlands

This was a project where we helped a local community group co-ordinate its response to a major housing project to build 1800 houses on open countryside. We worked closely with a large group of residents (KARA) who were worried about the effects the project would have on heritage, environment and infrastructure to co-ordinate and to convey their opposition to the scheme. The website we designed and developed, and their weekly mail campaigns became so popular with locals that the “opposition” website overtook the official propriety website on Google ranking within days. Talk about David versus Goliath scenario.

Information overload

When it came to emails, we worked tirelessly to produce some of the most factually dense and informative email campaigns… Even harder still to make sure they weren’t a snooze-fest, because nobody actually reads in this day and age. We wanted to raise awareness of the destruction of greenbelt land in the local Kirkby area. With an open rate ranging between 40-55%, we can safely say we nailed it.

Stay punctual

Due to the consistency and quality of the email campaigns, and one particularly incredible copywriter at Kirkby-in-Ashfield residents association, we got huge crowds turning up to the meetings in the local area, on one occasion completely filling the local events hall. Would you believe that for a quaint old town?


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