Tabb drink was an interesting project, with an extremely short deadline. Can you build a one page landing page that’s visually interesting, with no prior assets, style guides or cohesive branding. You can bet your bottom dollar we bit the guys hand off for a chance at this. We worked tirelessly through a two week cycle to build mockups, assets, a color palette and adjust the current logo to fit the site.

Tequila Sunrise

We built Tabb’s design assets from scratch for the website, we wanted to take the form of liquid (sine wave object) and the setting sun (large circle), two items associated with late night cocktail bars, and continued to simplify them until they turned into the visual flourishes seen here.

Catch the wave

When building the site, the focus was around the wave on the home page. We’ve been wanting to implement this since the creation on CodePen. The way it works is a large circle, with slight asymmetrical elements (think circle with a couple of dints) rotates within a mask (the outer container) it creates a wave like shape when the visual element rotates past.

Lucky charm

I don’t want to say that Roboto Studio is like a lucky charm, but after building the website for Tabb, they got their funding they were looking for. That being said, it was an absolute pleasure working with Joey and the team to build something incredible that we hope to see their startup take off in the upcoming months

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